The Program aims at recruiting and promotion of the UITM Graduates who have achieved professional success in the international labour market. In particular, the Program promotes international students. The program’s primary role is to build, relaunch, launch, maintain and strengthen the constant relationship between the UITM and its graduates, especially with the international graduates.

The UITM Ambassador Program has an informative and integrative character. It is targeted at the candidates who are searching for a credible source of information about studying at the UITM, and willing to obtain the opinion from the UITM graduates who graduated from the UITM and achieved professional success in the international labour market.

Also the program:

  • will support the initiatives launched by the UITM Ambassadors, as well as stimulate and shape the professional activities of the UITM graduates.
  • The program will disseminate and promote the educational offer of the UITM, especially on the international market.
  • The program will collect and disseminate the professional success stories of the UITM graduates, as well as strengthen their professional position.
  • The program aims at collecting the information on career paths of the UITM graduates who may become the UITM Ambassadors.