Here are the rules of membership in the UITM Ambassador program:

  1. Membership in the Program is voluntary and free-of-charge. Members can decide to what extent and in which fields they will participate in the Program.
  2. The Program is open to all the UITM Graduates who submitted the application which is available on the webpage.
  3. The Graduate’s Application is approved upon the decision of the webpage Administrator.
  4. The Graduate who joins the program, fills the Declaration in and submits the statements and approvals related to personal data protection and processing.
  5. The Ambassador who joins the program fills the Declaration and submits the statements and approvals related to the personal data collection and processing, and declares the willingness to lobby for the UITM by engaging in the development of the web-page addressed to the candidates.
  6. Submission of the application is equal to the acceptation of this Code.
  7. A person who joins the program is obliged to confirm the correctness of the data submitted in the declaration, through the relevant statements submitted on pain of criminal liability.
  8. The main mean of communication for the program participants is the webpage.
  9. The Administrator who has access to the UITM databases verifies each Graduate’s application and status in the Dean’s Office databases at the UITM.
  10. The Ambassadors shape the Program. The Ambassadors have the right to suggest changes or improvements, share their remarks and encourage the exchange of the information between the Graduates and the candidates.
  11. The Graduate and the Ambassador have a right to resign from the participation in the program.
  12. The resignation should be sent to the webpage Administrator via email.
  13. The Administrator holds the right to exclude the Graduate from the Program, if he/she breaches the rules of the Code or conducts the activities which bring harm to the UITM.