Ambassador’s Code

The UITM Ambassador Program

I. Definitions

  1. University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, hereinafter UITM or ‘The University’.
  2. Ambassador’s Code, from now on ‘The Code’, is a set of rules and a model of cooperation, regulating the process of recruiting the UITM Ambassadors, the UITM graduates who became the successful professionals employed in the international companies. The Code primarily addresses the foreign UITM graduates, whom UITM involves in the promotion activities in their home countries. These activities aim at raising the credibility of communication and improving the interaction between the UITM graduates and the potential candidates who consider studying at UITM. The Code allows for the participation of Polish graduates who, after graduation, went abroad and started their professional career in international companies. The Code was created with respect for the assumptions of the project “Become the UITM Ambassador – the graduates as the foreign capital of the UITM”, which is a part of the program International Alumni, financed by The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.
  3. The UITM Ambassador Program, from now on ‘The Program’, includes the UITM Graduates defined in point 4 of the Code. The Program works on the basis of the Code.
  4. The UITM Ambassador, from now on ‘the Ambassador’, is the UITM Graduate, who achieves the professional successes in international companies. The Ambassador is a specified person, who based on the subjective preferences and own experience, recommends studying at UITM and feels the relationship with the University. In the Program, he/she fulfils the representative roles. It is an open, active, creative, ingenious, business-minded and well-organised person who quickly establishes the relationships. Because of the generational closeness, he/she efficiently and to the best of his/hers abilities, through the personal involvement reaches his/hers own younger colleagues and is credible for this group. The Ambassador can share his/hers own opinions. Furthermore, the Ambassador is courageous because he/she participates in the project “Become the UITM Ambassador – the graduates as the foreign capital of the UITM”, which aims at implementation of the new model of cooperation with the foreign UITM graduates. The ambassador serves his own example as a person who utilised the university diploma as a pass to start an international professional career.
  5. UITM Graduate, hereinafter ‘The Graduate’, is a person who graduated from the UITM and obtained the diploma of:
    1. a bachelor
    2. a master.
  6. Study candidate, hereinafter ‘the Candidate’, is a foreigner who consider starting studying at the UITM and uses the webpage/web portal under the following address:
  7. The webpage/web portal under, from now on ‘the webpage’, disseminates the current rules for cooperation with the UITM Ambassadors. The webpage is a communication tool aimed at building the relationships between the University and the Ambassadors and involving the Ambassadors in the promotion activities conducted by the UITM. This involvement is, in particular, aimed at raising the credibility of communication to the Candidates who consider starting studying at the UITM. Also, the webpage will present the Ambassadors’ success stories. Moreover, it will integrate the society of the UITM Graduates and the Ambassadors through the embedded social media functionalities.
  8. Webpage Administrator, from now on ‘the Administrator’, is a person responsible for handling the webpage. The Administrator approves the Ambassadors’ application described in the pt. 4 Rules of membership in the UITM Ambassador program).
  9. Graduate’s Declaration, from now on ‘the declaration’, is the graduate’s statement, which is submitted by the graduate and which confirms his/hers willingness to participate in the program.
  10. University of Information Technology and Management Graduates Club, from now on ‘The Graduates’ Club’, is a dedicated UITM organisational unit, which:
    1. Maintains the relationship with the University Graduates;
    2. Promotes the successes and achievements of the Graduates;
    3. Integrates the Graduates through organising the conventions and meetings;
    4. Supports the development of the graduates through trainings, consulting, advisory services and specialised courses;
    5. Monitors the professional paths of the graduates;
    6. Uploads the job offers;
    7. Strengthens the view of the UITM graduates among the employers;
    8. Supports any graduates’ initiatives.
  11. University of Information Technology and Management Marketing Division, hereinafter the Marketing Division, is the UITM organisational unit, aimed at building the brand of the UITM, promoting the educational offer of the UITM, implementing and executing the marketing communication strategy, heading for strengthening the position of the UITM and its expansion on the Polish as well as on the international markets. This unit runs the project “Become UITM Ambassador – the graduates as the foreign capital of UITM”


II. The objective of the UITM Ambassador Program

  1. The Program aims at recruiting and promotion of the UITM Graduates who have achieved professional success in the international labour market. In particular, the Program promotes international students.
  2. The program’s primary role is to build, relaunch, launch, maintain and strengthen the constant relationship between the UITM and its graduates, especially with the international graduates.
  3. The program has an informative and integrative character. It is targeted at the candidates who are searching for a credible source of information about studying at the UITM, and willing to obtain the opinion from the UITM graduates who graduated from the UITM and achieved professional success in the international labour market.
  4. The program will support the initiatives launched by the UITM Ambassadors, as well as stimulate and shape the professional activities of the UITM graduates.
  5. The program will disseminate and promote the educational offer of the UITM, especially on the international market.
  6. The program will collect and disseminate the professional success stories of the UITM graduates, as well as strengthen their professional position.
  7. The program aims at collecting the information on career paths of the UITM graduates who may become the UITM Ambassadors.


III. The Ambassador’s Role

  1. Speaking about the University in a positive tone, thus contributing to the promotion of finished studies.
  2. Establishing the relationship with the candidates and supporting them in choosing studies.
  3. Active participation in creating the webpage, in particular:
    1. Participation in the movie presenting the Ambassador’s professional success story. The movie would, in particular, show the Graduate’s story and the idea of studying abroad (in Poland), the memoirs from studying at the UITM, the tips for the candidates to let them make the best use of the studying abroad and achieve the educational and professional success. The movie would also include a personal opinion on his/her current professional situation.
    2. Regular logging into the webpage to answer the ongoing questions from the candidates;
    3. Creating a personal profile (including an avatar and profile picture, information about the origin and the current workplace);
    4. Launching a microblog, which would include writing posts, adding the comments and pictures showing his/hers career achievements.
    5. Taking part in the Ambassadors’ contest, by participating in the thematic ranks and collecting the ensuing badges on the webpage.
  4. Creating the conditions for discussion and exchanging the opinions, sharing experience and establishing the relationship via the webpage.
  5. The indicators measuring the efficiency of the Ambassador’s work are as follows:
    1. A number of posts published on the webpage, related to the personal professional achievements;
    2. A number of reactions and launched chats with the candidates;
    3. A number of service recommendations provided to the new users.
  6. The Ambassador conducts the lobbying activity for the UITM.
  7. The Ambassador cooperates with the UITM by promoting the activities targeted at the candidates.
  8. The ambassador participates in the webinars promoting the educational offer of the UITM, in particular, the offer of the studies conducted in English.
  9. The Ambassador cooperates with the UITM and searches for the opportunities to meet other Ambassadors and UITM Graduates.


IV. Rules of membership in the UITM Ambassador program

  1. Membership in the Program is voluntary and free-of-charge. Members can decide to what extent and in which fields they will participate in the Program.
  2. The Program is open to all the UITM Graduates who submitted the application which is available on the webpage.
  3. The Graduate’s Application is approved upon the decision of the webpage Administrator.
  4. The Graduate who joins the program, fills the Declaration in and submits the statements and approvals related to personal data protection and processing.
  5. The Ambassador who joins the program fills the Declaration and submits the statements and approvals related to the personal data collection and processing, and declares the willingness to lobby for the UITM by engaging in the development of the web-page addressed to the candidates.
  6. Submission of the application is equal to the acceptation of this Code.
  7. A person who joins the program is obliged to confirm the correctness of the data submitted in the declaration, through the relevant statements submitted on pain of criminal liability.
  8. The main mean of communication for the program participants is the webpage.
  9. The Administrator who has access to the UITM databases verifies each Graduate’s application and status in the Dean’s Office databases at the UITM.
  10. The Ambassadors shape the Program. The Ambassadors have the right to suggest changes or improvements, share their remarks and encourage the exchange of the information between the Graduates and the candidates.
  11. The Graduate and the Ambassador have a right to resign from the participation in the program. The resignation should be sent to the webpage Administrator via email.
  12. The Administrator holds the right to exclude the Graduate from the Program, if he/she breaches the rules of the Code or conducts the activities which bring harm to the UITM.


V. Privileges of the UITM Ambassador

  1. UITM Ambassadors have the right to benefit from the following privileges:
    1. The right to use the prestigious title „The UITM Ambassador”;
    2. The right to receive the statue which is manufactured upon the order of the Marketing Division;
    3. The right to create an own Graduate’s profile or Ambassador’s profile on the webpage. The profile can be used for self-promotion;
    4. The access to the webpage and the right to use all the available functionalities;
    5. The right to take part in the creation and development of the Program;
    6. Right to the access to the information on the University and its educational opportunities. The Ambassador can also obtain the information on the UITM cooperation with the external stakeholders, as well as on the conducted research;
    7. The opportunity to support the development of the University through initiating and participating in particular projects;
    8. The opportunity to renew and launch contact with Graduates from different faculties and years. Getting acquainted with the organisational culture of large international companies which employ other UITM Ambassadors.
    9. The opportunity to exchange the experiences with other Graduates participating in the program.
    10. The opportunity to join the UITM Graduates’ Club, receive the Member’s Card and benefit from the dedicated offers and discounts.
    11. To benefit from the 20% discount for the postgraduate studies, courses and trainings offered by the UITM Centre of Postgraduate Studies.
    12. Participation in the events, meetings and conferences organised by the UITM and addressed to the UITM Graduates.
    13. To use the advisory services offered by the UITM Academic Centre of Personal Development and Psychotherapy.


VI. Rules of promoting the UITM Ambassador Program

  1. The program will be promoted through:
    1. The UITM Graduates Club, which launches various activities targeted at starting the cooperation and building the relationship with the University Graduates, i.e.:
      1. Promotion of Graduates who achieved professional success. These activities include searching the graduates’ profiles in social media, such as Goldenline and LinkedIn. Graduates’ career paths are monitored by checking their profiles in the portals mentioned above. The Graduates’ Club contacts the selected Graduates and invites them to cooperate with the UITM and participate in the events organised by the university. The webpage tab named “Graduates’ Stories” presents the Graduates’ comments and remarks on their career path, the professional fulfilment, and knowledge acquired during the studies etc. The database of Graduates’ presentations is continuously updated and extended. The database serves as the evidence confirming that the UITM graduates achieve professional successes and are eager to share their stories with their younger fellows.
      2. Participation in the Graduation Ceremony. During the celebratory Graduation, a representative of the Graduates’ Club presents the activities of the Club. The Graduates are invited to join the Club and to share the contact details.
  • Evaluation of the career paths of the project beneficiaries. As a part of the projects “Program of paid internships” and “Career ABK”, the evaluation of the beneficiaries’ career paths is conducted. The Graduates’ Club contacts the selected persons via the telephone and email in order to verify their successes and to launch further cooperation.
  1. The cooperation with the UITM’s Deans and Deputy Deans. The Deans and the Deputy Deans have the closest relationship with the students and future graduates. The Graduates’ Club obtains the information on the skilled and talented high-potential persons from the Deans and the Deputy Deans. The Deans and Deputy Deans are very often informed about the career paths of the graduates from the faculties they are responsible for. It is exceptionally efficient when the graduates established their businesses or started their job during their studies.
  2. Cooperation with the UITM Press Office. Based on the media review sent by the Press Office, the Graduates’ Club analyses the graduates’ career paths presented in the media. These are mostly persons who achieved success in the professional, sports or hobby. The UITM usually invites these persons to launch the cooperation with the University. The UITM divisions prepare the Congratulations Letters and send them together with the attached invitation to the Graduates’ Club.
  1. Cooperation between the Graduates and the UITM. The Graduates’ Club promotes the offer of the Careers Office. The UITM graduates who either launched their businesses or are employed on the managerial positions can benefit from the UITM support in employees’ recruitment. The members who are searching for the job can obtain assistance in job searching process.
  2. The UITM (boards, screens).
    1. During the direct activities launched among the students.
    2. In the paid advertisement campaigns.


VII. Final regulations

  1. The Code is available on the webpage.
  2. The UITM has a right to change the rules described in the Code.
  3. The changes which are mentioned in pt.2 will be announced on the webpage.
  4. The UITM has a right not to select any Ambassadors in case the graduates don’t declare the willingness to collaborate and don’t give the necessary consent.