The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów was established in 1996. UITM started as a university with 3 courses taught in the Polish language, 110 people of academic staff and the area of university covered 2,000 m2. Now it is the largest private university in the Podkarpackie region with 419 of academic staff (including 52 foreigners) and almost 6000 students, including 1700 international ones coming from the EU, Eastern Europe, Asia, America and Africa (more than 40 countries).

There are more than 40,000 alumni that have graduated from UITM. Our three faculties (Administration and Social Sciences, IT and Medical) offer both bachelor and master’s degrees, with the addition of non-degree postgraduate specialization and vocational courses in Polish and in English. Currently, UITM offers 22 courses in Polish and 7 courses in English.

According to Polish university rankings, UITM scores high on degree programmes in foreign languages, ability to secure EU regional funding and international student share (the third highest among Polish universities). According to annual rankings produced by Polish magazines and newspapers, UITM scored high in Poland for master’s degrees (and the best institution in the region) with its graduates highly valued by Polish employers. UITM is also present in international rankings of more than 1200 higher education institutions in Europe that offer a multidimensional performance measure.

By comparison, European perspectives of UITM is that it’s a newcomer to the higher education market of small-sized and privately-owned universities. UITM combines strong international orientation with regional engagement (with a higher than average share of the first-year student coming from the region). UITM has also been involved in long-term intensive cooperation with businesses from the Podkarpackie region, Poland and Europe. With its specialised staff, modern technological infrastructure and innovative approach, UITM offer services such as research and consultancy, innovation transfer, IT, internal security and financial expertise.

UITM’s strong points

  • Regional hub of education and research activity (all three faculties hold a B-rank awarded by the Ministry of Science, the Administration and Social Sciences Faculty is approaching an A-rank)
  • Membership with the Podkarpackie IT Cluster (Informatyka Podkarpacka) and Aviation Valley Cluster
  • Strong position in the IT sector as an education provider as well as being an authorised training centre for the most important IT companies in the world, such as CISCO, Microsoft and Oracle
  • Active participant of regional clusters and initiatives involving local administration, businesses and research institutes
  • Experience in implementation of EU-funded projects including international ones
  • Well-developed infrastructure including IT laboratories
  • Recognized for a high level of internationalization: a significant share of foreign students, international staff, English programmes

Facts and Figures

  • 6,000 students (full-time and part-time) including 1,700 foreigners;
  • 777 staff including 52 foreigners;
  • 419 university teachers;
  • 15 undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) and 7 postgraduate (master’s degree) courses in Polish;
  • 4 undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) and 3 postgraduate (master’s degree) courses in English;
  • 3 faculties;
  • 60 non-degree postgraduate specialisation courses and 5 vocational courses.

Prizes and Distinctions:

  • Silver Certificate in the University of Leaders competition  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018,
  • Academic Ranking of Polish Universities – Perspektywy 2018; the best university in south-east Poland and 14th place in Poland; 3rd place in the category master study programmes conducted in English; 5th place for the multicultural academic community;  15th  place – non-state higher education institutions whose graduates are most eagerly  employed by companies,
  • U- Multirank 2019: A and B marks in categories: the percentage of first and second cycle graduates who found their first job in the region; the number of scientific achievements in the art-related output; the number of spin-offs; the percentage of graduates who completed their studies on time, the number of scientific publications; programmes conducted in a foreign language. The ranking evaluated 1,711 universities from 96 countries worldwide,
  • Reliable Partner 2018 – a distinction awarded by G2A in Rzeszow,
  • 7th place in the survey conducted by the Wprost magazine for non-state higher education institutions highly appreciated by employers in 2015,
  • Central Statistical Office: UITM as the University with the highest students growth between 2013-2015,
  • Best Local Cisco Academy in Europe,
  • 1st prize for the ‘Flying laboratory’ project in a competition organised by the Polish Information Technology Society,
  • ‘Information Technology Leader’,
  • ‘Leader of ECDL Advanced’ – 1st prize,
  • Laureate of ECDL Foundation Digital Literacy Awards, 2005.

Since 2005 the UITM has been a part of the Academic Consortium which consists of: the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, the University of Management and Administration in Zamosc and the Tischner European University in Krakow.