The University main campus is based in the Rzeszow city centre.

Apart from the Institute of Economy, Institute for Financial Research and Analyses, The Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Institute for Researches on Civilizations, Centre of Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship and the Project Office, the main campus houses a number of other institutes and university bodies.

Besides the administrative purposes, the campus also serves students with well equipped facilities which include: modern auditoriums, lecture halls with state-of-the-art equipment as well as computer laboratories with permanent access to the Internet. There are CISCO SYSTEMS (CCNA) computer laboratories, CISCO SYSTEMS (CCNP) computer laboratory, SUN MICROSYSTEMS computer laboratory and the SYLVAN PROMETRIC – Authorized Prometric Testing Center (APTC).

The most recent development of the campus is the Centre for International Education.

The principal idea of establishing the centre was to promote intercultural exchange and international initiatives. The edifice is ideal for organizing international conferences and meetings due to its state-of-the-art equipment, which comprises 17 specialist laboratories, i.e.:

  • Software Engineering Laboratory,
  • Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Image Processing,
  • Laboratory of Computer graphics and Digital Art,
  • CISCO Systems Laboratory,
  • Microsoft Laboratory,
  • Sun Microsystems Laboratory,
  • Novell Laboratory,
  • Laboratory of Parallel Processing Architecture and Parallel Programming,
  • Laboratory of Acoustic and Audio Processing,
  • Laboratory of Data Warehousing Techniques – Information Repository,
  • Laboratory of Automatics and Robotics.

One of the most interesting solutions available in the Centre is a state-of-the-art 3D Cave in the Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Image Processing. In order to use the cave, one has to wear 3D glasses. The user sees a 3D image generated by computers, which creates virtual reality inside the cave.

The other innovative solution in the Centre is Financial Laboratory which simulates stock exchange and stock broker workplace. The laboratory is on of the first initiatives in the Central- East Europe. The lab is equipped with 24 computer terminals, each with two screens.

The Centre is also equipped with a back-up, videoconference and interpreting audio system, as well as Wi-Fi.

The Centre is disabled accessible. All laboratories are equipped with tools for blind people, such as monitors and Braille printers.

UITM Centre for Tourism and Recreation in Kielnarowa 

The campus is a huge complex comprising a sports and recreation hall with a sports arena, many air-conditioned lecture rooms equipped with computers and multimedia devices, cosmetic chemistry, microbiology and histology laboratories, a gym, a sauna, physical therapy rooms, beauty salons und restaurant equipped with a barbecue and dancing area, a hotel, a students hostel, riding stables and indoor horse-riding schools. Hypotherapy and horse riding courses are available in the centre. Active recreation seekers are offered numbers of unique forms of leisure i.a. paintball, skiing, quad driving, and many attractions in a rope park.

REH-MEDIQ Rehabilitation and Medical Centre in Tyczyn constitutes the second campus of UITM.

The centre is one of the latest developments of the University where one can find rehabilitation, physical therapy, kinesitherapy, hydrotherapy, massage and manual therapy rooms, as well as health promotion and unconventional medicine rooms.